2019 LHP AGM

You are invited to the 2019 AGM of the Labour History Project. Refreshments provided.

When?       Tuesday 16 July, 5.30pm for refreshments; 6pm start.

Where?      Level 1, Wellington Museum

As usual, the short list and winner of the Bert Roth Award for Labour History will be announced.

Guest Speakers are:

Ross Webb: ‘If this happens again, I’d be ready. And I’d do it again’:Meat workers and the campaign against anti-unionism in Wairoa

After 2010, the small town of Wairoa was at the centre of one of the most bitter and protracted industrial disputes in New Zealand’s recent history. Talley’s Group, a company with a long history of anti-unionism, took over the town’s meat plant, and commenced an aggressive drive to de-unionise the plant. Drawing on oral histories, this talk focuses on the town of Wairoa, what it meant for workers to be part of a campaign against the company, the sacrifices involved, and the legacy of a three successive lockouts on workers and the community.

Caren Wilton: ‘Sex workers for the win: decriminalising prostitution in New Zealand’

In 2003 New Zealand became the first country in the world to decriminalise sex work. Oral historian Caren Wilton takes a look at the emergence of the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective in the late 1980s and the successful campaign for decriminalisation.

This event is also an excellent opportunity to renew your LHP membership if you have not already done so this year. Remember, if you would like to stand for the LHP Committee, you must be a financial member.