People's History Series 2014: "Migrating to New Zealand"

People’s History Series 2014: “Migrating to New Zealand”

The final talk in this year’s ‘People’s History’ series will take place on Wednesday 26 November, at 5:30, in the National Library, Wellington (Aitken St entrance).  The speaker will be Dr Pushpa Wood, speaking on ‘Migrating to New Zealand’:

Making a decision to leave one’s homeland is not easy. So when a decision is made, it is inevitable that a thorough soul-searching process takes place. This talk will explore some of the dilemmas one faces when migrating to another country; opportunities and challenges such a move presents, what some of the deciding factors are, and the occupations, employment conditions and impact of migrating workers.

Dr Pushpa Wood is the Director of the Massey University School of Economics & Finance, Fin-Ed Centre in Wellington. She was previously the Education Manager at the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. She has worked across the school, tertiary, and industry sectors to improve adult literacy and financial literacy. Her research interests include identifying trigger points that motivate people to change their financial behaviour and testing culturally appropriate evaluation tools.