Poster series celebrating opposition to WWI in New Zealand

Poster series celebrating opposition to WWI in New Zealand

The 100th anniversary of Anzac Day is fast approaching and to provide an alternative perspective to the government’s glorification of World War One Marama Mayrick and Ryan Bodman have produced a poster series showcasing opposition to the conflict.

“The four posters provide a visual celebration of New Zealanders who resisted the government’s war effort. Detailing the experiences of Te Puea Herangi, Archibald Baxter, Harry Urquhart and the Trade Union movement, each poster includes a striking original illustration alongside a short blurb outlining the group or individual’s experience during the war years. Attached to this email are samples of two of the posters, all of which will be printed on A2 paper.

Marama and I have received funding from PADET and the Quaker Peace and Service Aoteara to produce and distribute the poster series. The posters will be distributed free of charge in late March/early April 2015.

To receive the poster series, all we ask is that you commit to displaying the posters in a public place – an office, a school classroom, a community centre, a church, a notice board etc – between the 17th and 25th April 2015.

If you would like to receive the series and support our project, please email me, Ryan Bodman, at, with your name and a physical address. If you know others who may be interested in supporting this project, please feel free to forward this email through your networks.

We have 150 copies of the poster series to distribute and they will be sent out on a first come, first served basis.

We hope that, with your help, we can publicise the war stories of New Zealanders who suffered at the hands of a government that curtailed freedoms at home while purporting to fight for democracy abroad; themes that remain eerily familiar to this day.”