Seminars 1987-2005

Seminars 1987-2005

2005 seminar: Working People, Trade Unions and the Vietnam War

2003 conference: The 1913 Strike 100 Years On: a laboratory or a battleground of democracy?

2001 conference: Lockout ’51: fifty years on

1998 seminar: Celebration to Mark the 100th Anniversary of Paul Robeson’s Birth

1997 seminar: Fifty Years of Struggle: the story of equal pay

1996 seminar: The PSA and the Lewin Years: personalities, influences and events

1996 seminar: A Commemoration of Max Bollinger’s Life

1995 seminar: Trade Unionism in the Era of Fintan Patrick Walsh

1994 seminar: The Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act

1993 seminar: Dissenting New Zealand (featuring Rona Bailey)

1992 seminar: Bert Roth’s Contribution to Labour History

1990 conference: Culture and the Labour Movement (including a re-creation of the first Labour Day Parade in October 1890, an art exhibition and a film festival)

1990 seminar: Development of Trade Unionism in New Zealand

1988 seminar: Recording Oral History