Registration Open

Registration is now open for the Dissent and the First World War Conference. Register here.

Dissent and the First World War
31 August – 2 September 2017 in Wellington

The First World War divided New Zealand society in many ways. But in the current commemorative climate little attention has been paid to the perceptions and actions of those who opposed the war. Dissent may take many forms, and we hope that this conference, co-hosted by the Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies and the Labour History Project, will include discussion of the following themes, among others:

Māori and dissent, e.g. Te Puea Hērangi and Kīngitanga, or Rua Kenana
Pre-war anti-militarism
Post-war dissent e.g. veterans
Repression and persecution of dissent
NZ Labour Party and dissent
NZ trade unions and dissent
War profiteering
Dissent within the military
Pro-German perspectives
Germans and internment
Conscientious objection
The Irish in NZ
Influence of the Bolshevik Revolution or Easter 1916
Perceptions of dissent
Religious dissent
Moral campaigns
Gender and dissent
Divided communities, e.g. sectarianism

Hope to see you there.