LHP AGM: ‘A Tale of Two Richards and a Therese’

Come to the Labour History AGM to hear a talk on the Labour 100 archiving project from Dr Emma Kelly.

5.30pm (for a 6pm start)
Thursday 20 July
Wellington Museum (3 Jervois Quay)

Dr Emma Kelly is the Labour 100 Archivist for the centenary of the New Zealand Labour Party. Since September 2016 she has worked with members and ex members of the NZLP around the country to examine their records and consider whether they have materials to donate to their local or national archives, museums and libraries. Through co-facilitated workshops in each region, Emma has helped identify materials of interest including the original graphic designs for the 1984 election campaign advertisements, letters of protest to the NZLP leadership against the deregulations of the 1980s and instructions for successful cake stall fundraisers. Therese O’Connell (Wellington), Richard Northey (Auckland) and Richard Hill, (previous Chair of the NZLP Kelburn Branch) have all been enthusiastic in offering materials for this project and discussing their origins. All three have been politically active throughout their lives, both supporting the NZLP and challenging it when they felt debate and discussion was required. Each of their collections represents both narrative of the NZLP as a developing left wing party and a counter-narrative to some of the assumptions of that progression and development from the 1970s to the present. Emma’s presentation will highlight one piece from each of O’Connell, Northey and Hill’s collections to examine the recent history of the NZLP and the value of ensuring materials are deposited in memory institutions to ensure a robust and considered examination of the past, present and future is always possible.

The formal AGM, including the presentation of the Bert Roth award, will preceed the Panel.  Refreshments provided, non-members can join on the night.