Next steps for Labour 100 project!

Update – December 2017

The Labour 100 project has now finished. If you are interested in learning how to archive materials you hold, please refer to this handout.


The year long project to encourage Labour Party members past and present to archive their materials in local archives, museums and libraries is nearly at an end (September 2016 to September 2017). But the aim was always that Labour Party members would continue archiving and encouraging others to do so. To this end we’re very pleased to announce that there will be an archiving workshop led by Dunedin based NZLP members at the next Labour Party Annual Conference in Dunedin in 2018. And on this page you’ll find the NZLP Labour 100 policy and suggested steps for creating listings and archiving your materials – good luck and don’t forget to check out the Labour 100 Facebook page where you can upload photos and share information!
Cheers, Dr Emma Kelly, Archivist, Labour 100

APPROVED Labour 100 Project Summary and Policy 261016


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