February 2009 Newsletter

February 2009 Newsletter

Labour History Project Newsletter 45 – February 2009


2 — Labour history posters
Jared Davidson, the Christchurch designer responsible for the look of this newsletter, and a moving spirit behind the new Christchurch branch of the LHP, explains his commitment to art and design that serves social justice, not profit. His labour history posters — bold designs in black and red — have received warm praise at home. Now his ‘Red Feds’ poster will be widely distributed overseas.
4 — Blackball 2008
Commemoration DVD now available
4 — Blackball Museum Trust
Proposed strike memorial
4 — Auckland Labour History Group
Coming Events: Working Women’s Charter
5 — LHP committee planning meeting, Greytown

6 — Paul Corliss: unionist and historian
Reviews of two new works by Paul Corliss of Christchurch, and a profile of the author.
7 — Loco Engineers’ Centennial Journal, 1908-2008, compiled by Paul Corliss, 2008
Neill Atkinson
8 — Samuel Parnell: A Legacy
Peter Franks
9 — Black Tuesday
A new theatre production about the 1912 Waihi strike will soon be touring.
11 — Seminar: 1968 — Year of Revolution?
Donald Anderson reviews the LHP’s December 2008 seminar in Wellington.

12 — Mark Briggs: flax worker, trade unionist, Red Fed, auctioneer, politician, conscientious objector, humanitarian, all round good bloke
David Grant assesses the place Mark Briggs holds in our country’s history of radical resistance to war.
16 — Class War in the Old West
Peter Clayworth, biographer of New Zealand trade unionist Pat Hickey, tracks some of Hickey’s background through
the history of the Victor Miners’ Union Hall Colorado and the Western Federation of Miners, USA.
20 — June 26 1968: a riot outside Parliament?
Toby Boraman reported on his research about student-worker activism in 1960s New Zealand at the recent LHP 1968 seminar. Here he takes a closer look at key events in June 1968.