October 2008 Newsletter

October 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter under a new committee. Our long-time and heroic former editor Colin Hicks resigned from the position in early 2008. We warmly record our thanks and appreciation for his dedicated work over many years

New Format:
From the next issue (February 2009) the format of the newsletter will change from an entirely printed publication to a primarily electronic one, distributed via email as a PDF file for reading on your computer, or printing on your printer if you prefer.

That way we save printing and postage costs, you receive the newsletter sooner, with images in glorious colour, and fewer trees are felled in the process. We will continue to produce a few paper copies for archival purposes, and for those who can only receive them through the post — but electronic distribution will be our preferred format in future.

New Features:
We aim to provide news about labour history events, as well as reports on workers’ history. New branches of our organisation can count on space in the newsletter reserved for their own communication needs. Members’ work-in-progress in the broad area of labour history will be
a regular feature, along with relevant news from our overseas affiliates such as the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History. We plan to include previews of events, courses and productions, as well as reviews.

New Look:
A new masthead and general redesign is in process, thanks to Christchurch designer and TUHP member Jared Davidson. Perhaps even a new name for the publication — your suggestions for one are welcome.

New Editor:
I’ve been around the TUHP off and on since 1998 when I was involved with the Paul Robeson centenary seminar. I currently work as a social researcher in the Department of Public Health at the University of Otago, Wellington. Please contact me with any comments, suggestions and contributions at: newsletter@lhp.org.nz