Video/Film Grants and Productions 1987-2001

Video/Film Grants and Productions 1987-2001

Gaylene Preston and John Bates: Archival videos recording the proceedings of the Lockout ’51 conference

Gaylene Preston: $5,000 grant to film documentary on Trade Union Women’s Choir Choir, Choir, Pants on Fire, plus promotional CD

Gaylene Preston: archival video on seminar to commemorate the life of Max Bollinger

Spiral Productions: $3,000 grant for documentary film on life of Irahapeti Ramsden, Something for My Grandchildren to Hold

Vanguard Films (Gerd Polhman): $2,000 grant to transfer six documentary films on New Zealand labour history onto video

Shattered Dreams: video produced by Francis Wevers and Dean Parker dealing with New Zealand industrial history 1946-51 (with the help of two grants from the Short Film Fund of the New Zealand Film Commission)

Paul Chalmers: $100 grant to videotape long-time union leader and activist Peter Purdue