Unions in Common Cause

Unions in Common Cause

Unions in Common Cause, edited by Peter Franks and Melanie Nolan, Steele Roberts, 2011

Time and Date: 6th September 2011, 5.30pm at NZCTU Wellington.

Helen Kelly, President, NZCTU, will launch the book.

Published by Steele Roberts, this book is the first detailed study of the history of the New Zealand Federation of Labour. Based on a conference held in 2007, it includes chapters by four leading labour historians (Erik Olssen, Peter Franks, Melanie Nolan and Ray Markey), contributions by past and present union activists, biographical and statistical information. The book is richly illustrated.

From the foreword by Margaret Wilson:

“Without a strong trade union movement, New Zealand will never achieve the economic prosperity that will benefit us all. It is the trade union movement that provides the balance between the economic and social conditions that enable us to move forward as a society based on fairness and equality for all citizens.”