TUHP renamed Labour History Project

TUHP renamed Labour History Project

Twenty-one years after its formation, the Trade Union History Project is finally experiencing a complete renovation, from a new name to a revised constitutional structure and expanded scope of activity.

The Annual General Meeting in May 2008, held at the Workers Educational Association rooms in central Wellington, resolved to change our name to “Labour History Project” to better reflect the changing face of the organization’s work. Although the trade union movement, its traditions, culture and objectives remains at the centre of our activity, we also need to work on a broader scale, taking account of working people’s lives, of progressive historical movements outside the union movement, and of international developments in labour history.

The AGM also confirmed significant changes to our constitution which encourage the formation of local and thematic branches, such as the recently established Auckland branch.

Finally, there was a complete replacement of office-holders as follows:

Chair: Mark Derby
Secretary: Toby Boraman
Treasurer: Lana Le Quesne
Committee: Donald Anderson; Neill Atkinson; Michael Brown; Alex Burton; Peter Clayworth; Peter Franks; Maxine Gay; David Grant; Richard Hill; Dave Morgan; Russell Pierce; Marie Russell; Lisa Sacksen; Sue Shone; James Taylor; Kerry Taylor.

The new committee extends its thanks and appreciation to the outgoing chairperson: David Grant; former secretary Mark Derby and treasurer Colin Hicks.

As the Labour History Project takes over and extends the TUHP’s proud 21-year record of achievement, our work is as necessary, inspiring and challenging as ever. We are confident that we have the skills and enthusiasm within our organisation to meet those challenges.