1913 Great Strike Centennial Events & People's History 2013

1913 Great Strike Centennial Events & People’s History 2013

During the later months of 1913 New Zealand society was rocked to its foundations by a bitter industrial dispute involving some 16,000 workers, massive demonstrations and a wave of violence on a scale that arguably, has yet to be matched. The series of spontaneous strikes, known as the Great Strike of 1913, stretched across New Zealand and reached almost all corners of society. When work returned to normal in December and January, the strike had cost employers around £1,000,000 and labour relations in the country had been changed forever.

To mark the centenary of this profoundly transformative episode in our history, the Labour History Project Inc. (LHP)—a non-profit national organisation to research, preserve, present and celebrate New Zealand’s labour history—alongside a number of unions, local bodies, and culture and heritage institutions, have organised a range of exciting projects.

Wellington guided walks of the key sites of struggle; an interactive website featuring digitised archival records and photography; People’s History walks on the strike and other aspects of New Zealand’s past; an exhibition at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea; as well as talks by prominent labour historians, are just some of the events planned for the 1913 Strike Centennial.

Presented by the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, Labour History Project and Alexander Turnbull Library. Supported by Maritime Union of New Zealand and Rail & Maritime Transport Union.

See the full People’s History programme here and the 1913 Great Strike events website here for more details.