TUHP Bulletin 3, July 1988

Click below to download a PDF version of TUHP Bulletin 3, July 1988. Digital version TUHP Bulletin 3 (PDF 3MB)

TUHP Bulletin 2, May 1988

Click below to download a PDF version of THUP Bulletin 2, October 1987. Digital version TUHP Bulletin 2 (PDF 5MB)

LHP Bulletin 77, November 2019

LHP Bulletin 77 (Winning Ways) is our special-themed November edition of the Bulletin. Digital version LHP Bulletin 77 (PDF 1.4MB) Feature … More

LHP Bulletin 74, November 2018

The special-themed November 2018 edition of the LHP Bulletin—’Pay Equity and Equal Employment Opportunity’—put the history of the “gender pay gap” … More

LHP Bulletin 73, August 2018

August 2018 edition of the LHP Bulletin—’Captive Labour’—featuring articles by Jared Davidson, Mark Derby and Sue Bradford and reviews by Ross … More

LHP Bulletin 71, November 2017

The first special-themed issue of the Labour History Project Bulletin, focusing on precarious work in Aotearoa New Zealand. Articles by … More

Insecure Work in New Zealand

There is a growing concern in New Zealand and internationally about the breakdown of ‘standard’ employment relationships, usually defined as … More

Class War in the Old West

Peter Clayworth, who is writing a biography of New Zealand trade unionist Pat Hickey, tracks some of Hickey’s background through … More

Fighting Back (review)

Fighting Back, a 1949 film by Cecil Holmes. Reviewed by Dean Parker in LHP Newsletter 46. ‘The first on-the-spot film … More

LHP Newsletter 46, June 2009

LHP Newsletter 46, June 2009 featured news on the launch of Kiwi Compañeros, the ALHG’s seminar on the Women’s Charter, … More

The Great 08 (review)

The Great 08: Blackball Coal Miners’ Strike 27 February – 13 May 1908 by Brian Wood. 230 pages. Reviewed by … More