‘From Kinleith to the dole queue: workers’ struggles of the 1980s’, a Labour History Project Symposium

  • Saturday 20 February 2021
  • NEW VENUE: Loaves and Fishes Hall, 2 Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington (opposite Parliament and the National Library of New Zealand)

This symposium uses Kinleith as a starting point for exploring the challenges that came next. Following the launch and screening of the digitally restored version of Kinleith ’80, this symposium will explore the struggles and the legacies of the 1980s and what they mean for us today in a time of change. What did the Kinleith dispute mean for the trajectory of the labour movement into the 1980s? What came next? And what does it mean for us today? With unemployment on the rise in a global pandemic and economic orthodoxies under renewed pressure, we look to the labour history of this crucial decade to examine a story still unfolding in the present. Does history provide the answers for how to address our current crises? Or can it serve as a trap in imagining new possibilities?


Jim McAloon, Gerd Pohlmann, Rod Prosser, Russell Campbell, Cybèle Locke, Jane Stevens, Sue Bradford, Grace Millar, Feisty Feckin’ Fulltime Feminists Choir, Ross Webb, Toby Boraman, John Ryall, Rasela Mulitalo, Nadia Abu-Shanab, Conor Twyford, Syd Keepa.

Symposium Timetable

Download the updated Symposium Programme here (PDF).


Registrations for the 2021 LHP Symposium are now open! Registration is limited and required for catering purposes, so please register if you plan on attending.

$20 waged
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1) Send your name and contact details to malatestacampbell@gmail.com
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