LHP Newsletter 45, February 2009

LHP Newsletter 45, November 2009 was the first under the new banner of the Labour History Project. It also marked a move towards electronic distribution, as from this issue the Newsletter moved from an entirely print format to mainly PDF distribution.

Digital version

LHP Newsletter 45 (PDF 837kb)

Feature articles

Mark Briggs: flax worker, trade unionist, Red Fed, auctioneer, politician, conscientious objector, humanitarian, all round good bloke – David Grant

Class War in the Old West – Peter Clayworth

June 26 1968: a riot outside Parliament? – Toby Boraman


Loco Engineers’ Centennial Journal, 1908-2008, compiled by Paul Corliss – Reviewed by Neill Atkinson

Samuel Parnell: A Legacy by Paul Corliss – Reviewed by Peter Franks

Black Tuesday

Seminar: 1968 — Year of Revolution? – Reviewed by Donald Anderson